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Download a 2018 brochure for your employee lunchroom or office.  Click the button below to download the brochure and print or save to your desktop.  Please share the brochure with your colleagues.

Tuition fees are on page 43 of the brochure.

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Download a Poster for your school or program (12X18″)

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Note: Some state agencies require attendees to keep course information such as speaker biographies, course descriptions, course objectives and timelines with their certificate of course completion in order to meet CE standards.  It is recommended that you print this information from the conference brochure and keep it with your certificate as part of the process to document your CE participation.  Check with your state or national agency for specific details required to document your participation in CE activities.  Links to past brochures are below.

2017 Seattle Conference Brochure

2016 Houston Conference Brochure

2016 Seattle Conference Brochure

2015 Seattle Brochure

2015 San Antonio Brochure