Seattle Course #21-Delivering Effective School-Based Mental Health Services

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Friday- March 9, 2018      8:00am-4:00pm

Course #21 –Delivering Effective School-Based Mental Health Services

by James Mazza, PhD, University of Washington

About the Speaker
James J. Mazza, PhD, is a professor in the School Psychology Program at the University of Washing- ton. He received his master’s and PhD from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He has been working for over 25 years with high risk adolescents who engage in self-harming behaviors and specifically suicidal behavior. He was the past president of the American Association of Suicidology from 2005-2007 and is still actively involved in trying to help school psychologists play a major role in helping to prevent suicidal and self-harming behavior among students. His current research focus is centered around the implementation of a universal emotion regulation SEL curriculum called DBT STEPS-A. This unique curriculum is based on the DBT skills that have been used effectively with highly suicidal adults and adolescents. Disclosures: Financial-Dr. Mazza receives speaking fees from his company, Mazza Consulting, PLLC and royalties from his publications from Guilford Press. There are no nonfinancial relationships to disclose.

Target Audience (who should attend): 
School Psychologists, School Counselors, Case Managers, Social Workers, Behavior Specialists, General Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Resource Room Teachers, Principals/Administrators, Instructional Assistants and Paraprofessionals

Target Age Range: 6th Grade through 21 years

Course Description:  

This course will address the growing need to provide and support the delivery of mental health services in school-based settings. With the increased rates of youth engaging in self-harm, struggling with issues of emotion regulations, and trying to navigate an ever-evolving complicated path to adulthood, schools become the ideal setting to provide mental health services that complement academic abilities and provide a means for educating the whole child. This course will address implementation barriers and strategies that are framed within multi-tiered systems of support structure. Social-Emotional Learning programs will be identified at Tier I, II, & III levels for frequent mental health concerns. In addition, this presentation will provide strategies for schools to follow when a crisis occurs. Finally, a brief over- view of the DBT STEPS-A curriculum will be provided, which is a universal Social-Emotional Learning program targeting emotion regulation, coping strategies and decision-making skills delivered within school-based settings.

 What You Will Learn

Course Objectives– Participants will be able to:

• Identify the complementary need of mental health services in school-based settings

• Identify 3 barriers for implementing school-based mental health services

• Demonstrate the ability to develop implementation strategies for your own settings that span across the three tiers of support

•  Identify 2 Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and/ or interventions that target mental health concerns

Identify crisis management/postvention strategies to employ in school-based settings after a crisis has occurred

• Identify the strengths and challenges of implementing a universal Social- Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum