Seattle Course #24-ABCs of Autism & Sexuality


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Friday- March 9, 2018      8:00am-4:00pm

Course #24 -The ABCs of Autism and Sexuality

by Stephanie Mitelman, MA, Certified Sexuality Educator, Montreal, Quebec

About the Speaker
Stephanie Mitelman, MA, Certified Sexuality Educator, has been a part time professor of Sexology for the past 19 years. Founding sex education publisher Sexpressions and its US branch Sex Ed Mart, she has released numerous books and educational resources for teaching youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders romantic social skills and the essentials of puberty. Stephanie also runs a private practice assisting neurodiverse individuals and couples. In 2013, Stephanie was awarded the First Tracks Award for Innovation in Sexology for her work making sexuality education more accessible for people on the autism spectrum. Stephanie has taught courses at McGill University in the Department of Educational Counselling and Psychology, as well as at Concordia University in Applied Human Sciences. Stephanie holds a master’s degree in sociology from Concordia University and is a Certified Sexuality Educator (CSE) by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. Stephanie provides comprehensive sex education for youth across Canada and offers train- ing for teachers and health care providers in Canada and the United States. Stephanie was awarded the 2013 First Tracks Award for Innovation in Sexology from Honest Exchange for her work to open sex education and counseling for youth and adults on the autism spectrum. She is a regular expert voice in the national media on issues of sexuality, teens and health. She is a consultant for Canadian Living magazine, and Teen Flare. She has made appearances on the television shows Sex Files on the Discovery Channel, Sexual Secrets on the Life Network and Let’s Talk Sex on MENTV, and has been featured on Fox News. Disclosures: Financial- Stephanie has a private practice and she receives teaching, consultation and speaker fees. She receives royalties from her publications from Sexpressions and Sex Ed Mart. Nonfinancial- She is a founding member of the Executive Board for the Sexual Health Network of Quebec and a past member of the AASECT committee for certification in sexuality education. She is also the past president of the Association of Family Life Educators of Quebec.

Target Audience (who should attend):  General Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Resource Room Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, School Counselors, Behavior Specialists, Autism Specialists, Principals/Administrators, Instructional Assistants and Paraprofessionals

Target Age Range: 2nd Grade through Adulthood

Course Description:  This course is specific to the needs of teachers, nurses, counselors and support professionals who work with individuals on the autism spectrum. While the sexual needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders may not be different from others, the way information is processed can be. People with Autism Spectrum Disorders may also face unique sensory profiles that educators need to know about. This training offers an overview of how students on the Autism Spectrum relate to sexuality, from puberty through adolescence, as well as strategies for teaching sexual health. Attendees will learn the ABCs of autism and sexuality: A= Awareness and Attitudes; B= Behaviors; C= Communication and Connection.

 What You Will Learn

Course Objectives– Participants will be able to:

• Describe how autism affects romantic relationships and sexuality

• Adequately explain the importance of sexual health education for a child or adolescent on the Autism Spectrum

• Identify key sexual information that students need to know at specific stages of development

• Demonstrate effective strategies to teach appropriate and expected behaviors

• Describe several strategies that can be used with students to troubleshoot/ minimize common issues in romantic relationships

• Demonstrate the ability to adequately discuss sexuality given a specific classroom or therapy scenario