WWU College Credits


Western Washington University College Credit:

WWU is offering 2 college credits for the 2017 General & Special Education Conference.  Attendees registering for college credits must attend the entire conference (all three days).

Course Description:

CSD 503 – Professional Development in CSD
This course provides conference-based opportunities for practicing professionals to engage in learning about current research and treatment strategies on a variety of special education issues, including communication disorders. The courses are intended for the professional development of the conference attendee. The WWU credits may not be used as elective credits in a graduate degree program. Prerequisites & Notes: Entry level degree in professional area of specialization. Credits: 2 Grade Mode: S/U

Instructions for Registering for WWU College Credit

2017 General & Special Education Conference—March 8-10, 2017

1. Print your name on the Western Washington University Roster at the WWU registration table. Please use the same name used to register for the conference.

2. Pick up the “Extended Education Professional Studies Registration 2016-2017 form at the registration booth (or download the form -see above).

3. Sign-in at general registration table in the morning and after lunch, each day. Your attendance will be verified. You must attend all three days of the conference. You may not leave the conference early on any of the three days.

4. Obtain the written assignment (case examples) form at the WWU registration table (or download the form-see above). Complete this written assignment during the conference.

5. You must complete the course evaluations (evaluation forms will be handed out at the end of each course). Submit your completed course evaluation forms in your registration packet (do not place them in the “completed evaluation box” in the classrooms). Make sure your name is on your evaluations.

Before you leave the conference on the last day on March 10th 2017, submit the following documents at the WWU Registration booth. Large envelopes will be provided for you to SUBMIT:

The packet MUST include:

1.The “Extended Education Professional Studies Registration 2016-2017” form. Attach your payment or complete the credit card information section on the form.
The cost is $101 for the 2 credits.

2. Your completed written assignment (case studies).

3. Your completed course evaluations (one for each course you attended at the conference-3 total).

Rehab Seminars will submit your completed registration packet to WWU. WWU Extended Education will send you a receipt upon receiving a completed registration form and tuition payment. You may contact Jenny Hebert, Project Manager-Extended Education at (360) 650-7780 to confirm that WWU received your registration form.

If you have any questions, you may ask the WWU contact at the WWU registration table or contact Vicki Dohrmann, CE Administrator-Rehab Seminars.
***Vicki Dohrmann will be at the general registration desk all three days of the conference (cell phone #360-301-9212-contact phone during the conference or email: vickid@seanet.com).


CLICK HERE to download the WWU College Credit Registration Form for the 2017 conference
WWU College Registration Form

CLICK HERE to download the “2017 Special Ed written assignment”
Written Assignment

NOTE: Do not register for OSPI Clock Hours and WWU College Credit